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Mailmunge::Test::Rspamd - run a message through rspamd


This class connects to an rspamd daemon and passes the input message to rspamd for evaluation.


package MyFilter;
use Mailmunge::Test::Rspamd;

sub filter_begin {
    my ($self, $ctx) = @_;
    my $test = Mailmunge::Test::Rspamd->new($self);
    my $ans = $test->rspamd_check($ctx, '', 11333);
    my $resp = $ans->{response};
    if (!$ans->{results}) {
        # Failure of some kind - timeout, rspamd not running, etc.
        # Specific error message will be in $ans->{response}->message
        return $self->action_tempfail($ctx, $resp->message);

    # We have rspamd results; you can inspect $ans->{results}
    # to decide what action to take, or use the code below to take
    # action based on $ans->{response}; $ans->{response} is a
    # Mailmunge::Response object with a suggested response

    if ($ctx->action_from_response($resp)) {
        # Rspamd suggested an action, which we took

    # Must be: $resp->is_success so continue with rest of filter



Constructs a new Mailmunge::Test::Rspamd object and stores a copy of $filter in it.


rspamd_check($ctx, $host, $port [, $timeout])

Connects to the rspamd daemon on the given $host and $port and asks it to evaluate the current message. $timeout is an overall timeout in seconds for rspamd to reply; if not supplied, it defaults to 300 seconds.

The return value from rspamd_check is a hash with the following elements:


A Mailmunge::Response object with the suggested response to the message. If something went wrong with rspamd, then the response element will be the only element in the hash. Its status will be set to TEMPFAIL and its message will contain an error message.


If rspamd successfully scanned the message, the results element will be a hash containing the rspamd response. This data structure is described in detail at https://www.rspamd.com/doc/architecture/protocol.php#rspamd-http-reply. It is up to the caller of rspamd_check to inspect the reply from rspamd and call appropriate functions such as action_reject, etc.

If rspamd did not successfully scan the message, then there will be no results element.


rspamd at https://www.rspamd.com/


Dianne Skoll <dianne@skollsoft.com>


This code is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2.

Copyright © 2024 Skoll Software Consulting