[Mailmunge] an interesting observation

Kevin A. McGrail kmcgrail at pccc.com
Fri Jul 2 16:17:00 EDT 2021

Hi Alan,

Depending on the distro you are using, you should likely uninstall 
sendmail, install sendmail-devel (to get the milter) and install postfix.



On 7/2/2021 4:14 PM, Alan Premselaar via Mailmunge wrote:
> I've installed mailmunge on a test/development server which has both
> postfix and sendmail installed.
> I noticed that regardless of which mail server is currently running
> (Postfix or Sendmail), mailmunge reports "MTA appears to be: Sendmail"
> when starting up.
> If I uninstall sendmail, then it correctly reports "MTA appears to be:
> Postfix"
> I haven't had the time or opportunity to look at the code, but I thought
> I'd let you know about this.
> Kind regards,
> Alan


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