[Mailmunge] Somewhat OT: Sendmail vs Postfix speed

Dianne Skoll dianne at skoll.ca
Tue Jul 27 22:55:08 EDT 2021

Hi, Mailmungers,

I find this pretty interesting:


I run exactly the same set of regression tests in two docker
containers; the only difference is that one uses Postfix as the MTA and
the other uses Sendmail.

The Postfix tests complete in 82 seconds whereas the Sendmail tests
complete in 129 seconds.  If we subtract out the setup/teardown time
and just look at how long the tests themselves take, the difference is
even more dramatic.

Postfix:  Files=18, Tests=92, 12 wallclock secs
Sendmail: Files=18, Tests=91, 58 wallclock secs

(I guess there's one Postfix-specific test...)  But 58 vs 12 seconds is
a huge difference!



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