[Mailmunge] Preparing for 3.03 release

Dianne Skoll dianne at skollsoft.com
Fri Jul 30 14:20:08 EDT 2021

Hi, all,

I'm preparing for the Mailmunge 3.03 release sometime in the next few
days.  In the meantime, if you want to clone the git repo and test it,
I'd appreciate that.

Git repo: https://git.skoll.ca/Skollsoft-Public/mailmunge

The two major new changes are:

1) Support for rspamd (https://rspamd.com).  This is done by talking
directly to the server using its HTTP protocol; we don't fork/exec

2) Support for running regression tests in Rocky Linux 8 as well as
Debian 10 Docker images.  You can see the combo of:

    (Rocky, Debian) x (Sendmail, Postfix)

at https://build.skoll.ca/#/builders/2/builds/30

Complete changelog (so far) follows.



2020-07-30 Dianne Skoll <dianne at skollsoft.com>

	* Add support for running regression tests against Rocky Linux 8
	  as well as Debian 10.  Both Sendmail and Postfix are tested.

	* Add support for Rspamd (https://rspamd.com/).  We do not use
	  the rspamc client; instead, we talk directly to the daemon using
	  its native HTTP protocol.

	* Update included copy of GPLv2 to the latest version

	* Put GPLv2 license markers in all files

	* Use -fPIE rather than -fPIC when building executables

	* Get rid of --enable-cleanup-with-rm

	* Clean out a LOT of cruft from configure.ac

	* Include a sample /etc/default/mailmunge file

	* Better diagnosis of syntax errors in filter file; terminate
	  multiplexor if it looks like the filter is completely broken.

	* Many minor fixes and documentation fixes.

2020-07-18 Dianne Skoll <dianne at skollsoft.com>

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