[Mailmunge] Context vs Filter Docs

postfix at ptld.com postfix at ptld.com
Sat Jul 31 13:52:05 EDT 2021

First as an FYI, but second as a clarification.


Accessor accessibility mentioned on the context page doesn't always 
match what is listed on the filter page. For examples:

- Context says 'bounced' is in filter_message and filter_wrapup. Filter 
page does not list 'bounced' in filter_message().
- Context says 'connecting_ip' and 'connecting_name' is in all 
callbacks. Filter page only list them in filter_message().
- Context says 'cwd' is in filter_sender, filter_recipient, 
filter_message, and filter_wrapup. Filter page only list it in 

I assume the context page is more correct and overrides what is listed 
on the filter page?

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