[Mailmunge] Compat.pm Feature Request

postfix at ptld.com postfix at ptld.com
Sat Jul 31 19:58:55 EDT 2021

>> > Better, I'd recommend not using
>> > action_drop_with_warning or action_accept_with_warning, which IMO
>> > are of dubious value and are only there for backward-compatibility.
>> Oh? Because it is still in the default filter as example code for bad
>> extensions.
> Oh dear!  I'll have to fix that. :)

It looks like to rewite that filter example code id have to use 
filter_message() and extract the same info from $ctx->mime_entity.

The part that isn't clear to me is does filter_message() run once for 
the entire email and all the mime parts are inside the one 

Or does filter_message() run multiple times once for each part like 
text/plain, text/html, application/pdf, etc?

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