[Mailmunge] Mailmunge 3.03 is released

postfix at ptld.com postfix at ptld.com
Sun Aug 1 11:54:22 EDT 2021

/etc/default/mailmunge.sample is using MX_FILTER= however this fails to 
load the script.
Using FILTER= (as was in 3.02) still works and loads the script.

Also a suggestion, when it can't find/load the script the log errors 

     mailmunge-multiplexor[8099]: Worker 0 stderr: Undefined subroutine 
&main::_mailmunge_do_main_loop called.
     mailmunge-multiplexor[8099]: Reap: worker 0 (pid 8178) exited 
normally with status 9 (WORKER DIED UNEXPECTEDLY)

I think it would be helpful for trouble shooting if it also included in 
the logs something along the lines of

     Can't find FILTER=/etc/mailmunge/mailmunge-filter

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