[Mailmunge] MTA Macros

postfix at ptld.com postfix at ptld.com
Mon Aug 16 15:43:41 EDT 2021

> please try git HEAD at https://git.skoll.ca/Skollsoft-Public/mailmunge 
> (HEAD is commit 6519c12b20)

I looked in the Filter.pm to add those two lines from the commit. 
However my Filter.pm v3.03 looks different...

    1367 sub _handle_senderok
    1368 {
    1369     my ($self, $sender, $hostip, $hostname, $helo, $cwd, $qid, 
@esmtp_args) = @_;
    1371     if (!chdir($cwd)) {
    1372                 return $self->_reply_with_status($qid, 
Mailmunge::Response->TEMPFAIL(message => "could not chdir($cwd): $!"),
    1373                                                 "sender 
    1374     }
    1376         my $ctx = Mailmunge::Context->new(sender      => 
    1377                                           hostip      => 
    1378                                           hostname    => 
    1379                                           connecting_ip => 
    1380                                           connecting_name => 
    1381                                           helo        => $helo,
    1382                                           cwd         => $cwd,
    1383                                           qid         => $qid,
    1384                                           esmtp_args  => 
    1385     my $resp = $self->filter_sender($ctx);
    1386         $self->_reply_with_status($ctx, $resp, "sender 
    1387 }

Im not comfortable adding the line with the differences in the function. 
I already made changes to mailmunge.c and Filter.pm to remove debug 
logging and don't want to keep "hacking" away at the source. It will 
make future maintenance and updates more of a headache for me. Im a dnf 
package guy and mailmunge is the only thing ive had to manually install. 
Sorry, but im going to be a wimp and tap out on additional manual 
changes. I am okay with just using

    my $tls = $self->read_commands_file()->sendmail_macro('tls_version');

for now and will wait for the changes to become part of the RPM download 
package. Speaking of, if you are taking feature request, so i don't have 
to keep editing source on each future update, can a setting be created 
for log level? So we can set if we want INFO or DEBUG logging (similar 
to postfix) instead of using syslogd filters.

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