[Mailmunge] IP Detection

postfix at ptld.com postfix at ptld.com
Wed Sep 22 10:59:54 EDT 2021

I am using unix sockets

    SOCKET = /var/run/mailmunge/mailmunge.sock
    MX_SOCKET = /var/run/mailmunge/mailmunge-multiplexor.sock

In the logs on startup i see

    My IP address appears to be: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

My server has multiple IP's and the one being detected is not the same 
one being used for smtp activity.
Since im using unix sockets does any of this matter? Is it detected but 
then ignored and not used?
Or is the IP mailmunge is set to / finds important to certain functions 
/ features?
How would you tell mailmunge the IP when using unix sockets?

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