[Mailmunge] Mailmunge 3.05 is Released

Dianne Skoll dianne at skollsoft.com
Thu Sep 30 17:38:46 EDT 2021

Hi, everyone,

I'm pleased to announce that Mailmunge 3.05 has been released.

Download:     https://www.mailmunge.org/download/
Git:          https://git.skoll.ca/Skollsoft-Public/mailmunge
Test results: https://build.skoll.ca/#/builders/mailmunge-tests
News page:    https://www.mailmunge.org/news/

This release is mostly a cleanup/polish/bugfix release.  Complete
changelog is below.



2020-09-30 Dianne Skoll <dianne at skollsoft.com>

	* Mailmunge 3.05 RELEASED

	* documentation: Fix many typos and add some clarifications.

	* tests: Change syslog identifier so that tests use a different
	  syslog identifier than production Mailmunge filters.

	* compilation: Use -Wno-unused-result flag if the compiler supports it.

	* Mailmunge::Action::Boilerplate: Log error messages if adding
	  boilerplate fails.

	* mailmunge: Rather than determining the host's IP address by
	  resolving its hostname, create a connected UDP socket to
	  and use getsockname() to get the local IP address chosen by the

	* mailmunge-multiplexor: Fix potential code path that could call
	  non-signal-safe snprintf function from a signal handler.

	* tests: Remove unused file

	* mailmunge: Remove support for systems that lack inet_ntop.
	  inet_ntop was standardized over 15 years ago, so any systems that
	  lack it are not worth supporting.

	* mailmunge-multiplexor.c: Log the "MTA appears to be: XXX" message
	  from the C code instead of the Perl code.  This causes it to be
	  logged only once per multiplexor startup instead of once per scanning
	  worker startup.

2020-08-17 Dianne Skoll <dianne at skollsoft.com>

	* Mailmunge 3.04 RELEASED
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