[Mailmunge] Mailmunge 3.04 is released

Dianne Skoll dianne at skollsoft.com
Tue Aug 17 20:07:49 EDT 2021

Hi, everyone,

I'm pleased to announce Mailmunge 3.04 has been released.

Download:     https://www.mailmunge.org/download/
Git:          https://git.skoll.ca/Skollsoft-Public/mailmunge
Test results: https://build.skoll.ca/#/builders/mailmunge-tests
News page:    https://www.mailmunge.org/news/

This release is mostly a bugfix / polish / cleanup release.  Complete
changelog is below.  If you use the embedded Perl feature, you should
upgrade Mailmunge to 3.04 as it fixes a long-standing annoying bug with
the embedded Perl code.



2020-08-17 Dianne Skoll <dianne at skollsoft.com>

	* Mailmunge 3.04 RELEASED

	* Mailmunge::Filter: Read the COMMANDS files prior to filter_sender
  	  and filter_recipient callbacks.  This populates sendmail_macros.

	* mailmunge-multiplexor: Fix error in embedded Perl code.
	  PERL_SYS_TERM was being called each time an embedded interpreter
	  was destroyed; this is incorrect.  While this code happened to
	  work on older Perls, it *will fail* on newer perls such as that
	  shipped with Debian Bullseye.

	* mailmunge: Provide more helpful error messages if filter file
	  is not readable or has a syntax error or fails for some reason.

	* mailmunge-multiplexor: Set default for "-w" option to 1 second
	  instead of 3.

	* configure: add --with-perlinstalldirs={site,perl,vendor} flag

	* gen_id.c: Generate 8-character IDs instead of 7-character ones.
	  This allows for up to 216,000 IDs per second.

	* Mailmunge::Filter: diagnose incorrect return values from various
  	  filter callbacks and log helpful error messages.

	* Makefile: Don't install the *.in files when running "make install"

	* Many typo fixes and documentation improvements.

2020-08-01 Dianne Skoll <dianne at skollsoft.com>

	* Mailmunge 3.03 RELEASED

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